Sifu Jody Scalise received his Master Degree (Sifu)From Master Robert Markey and 3rd Dan from

Master Roger Lynch

of Ashfield Tae Kwon Do-Pal Gwe Style

Wuji Wushu Forms are Based on Taoism and The I Ching


Located at Walnut Hill, Buckland Massachusetts

Ni Jing-Sifu 12th Form Lion

Wu Jing 5th Form Wind

Yi Jing 1st Form Heaven

I am Sifu Jody Scalise. I have been a Tai Chi Practitioner since 1978.

I did Tae Kwon Do for 18 years-Sam Dan. For 12 years, Wuji Wushu has perfected itself as a Chi Based Martial Art.

A mix of Tai Chi, Silk Reeling, Push Hands, Wing Chun blocks, Strikes, Chi Sao, Wooden Tree Man, Stick Fighting, Bo Fighting, and most importantly-”ROOTING!”